Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday - accidents do happen

Well unexpected things happen, and I will never rush down railway steps again for a train.  Leaving Todmorden took me to a whole new adventure, firstly a lot of pain, there are several fractures on my ankle, three months of hobbling around.  Lots of things to do with doctor, hospitals (I was transferred) and I have decided to get a wheelchair so that I can help downstairs with cooking.
The NHS is a wonderful service, don't let this government sell it off to Virgin or the highest bidder, they will just mess it up for us and make a profit for the investors.  The incredible kindness and efficiency of the doctors and nurses has to be experienced and also watched to understand.  It is obvious that I am an observer, and so gathered the tales of all the other occupants of the beds in the ward.
One story comes to mind, the Asian doctor examining the wound, said simply 'I was born in this hospital, and now I am working in it'. We are a mixed baggage of nationalities, and this is nowhere more obvious than a hospital, we have to learn to trust one another, the bastard terrorists are more often than not singular, young men/or women not given to humanity or tolerance.
Politically our country is changing, Grenfell though not political showed us an ugly story of ineptness and perhaps more importantly the great division between rich and poor and people sat up and noticed; that is a note for optimism.  The young have to take a role, as they did in the voting, of taking an interest in what is happening in this country.  The Torys are on the backfoot,  Theresa May got a shock, and to put it crudely is a 'dead man walking'.  
My visit to Todmorden to see the family went off well, Lillie baked her own chocolate malteser cake for her birthday, which got dropped on the floor and into her mother's bag, but got scrapped back together again ;).  I do have photos but it will some time before I can attach them to my computer.

And some strong words from Kensington, don't watch if you don't like swearing....

This link gives the experience of a fireman who was at Grenfell.


  1. Ouch...hope you heal soon! Through the great troubles of the last few weeks it's been the compassion shown by people at grass roots level which has given me a spark of hope. Everything seems up in the air right now but change can be a force for good. Arilx

  2. That young man should be in Parliament - he is so right Thelma.
    I am telling my son to look at your blog today because it is all just what he is saying too.
    Take great care of that ankle.

  3. I hope that your ankle mends soon. All too easily done when we are in a rush.

  4. Am sorry to read about your ankle and hope that it will heal soon.
    I think it is good to hear that young man expressing the true situation that is in Kensington and probably elsewhere in the UK. It is time that people to stock of what is happening on the social scene for great divides are presenting themselves and there needs to be some reconsiderations on what sort of Britain you all want.

  5. fWell thank you for your kind comments everyone. Glad you find Ismael inspiring Pat and Heron, such intelligence and ability to describe the situation Kensington finds itself in. There is a heart moving account from one of the firemen, who describes being just two floors below the top with a couple of minutes oxygen rescuing two and being told there was 5 people above, I will put the link up.

  6. I am sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you will mend quickly.

    That gentleman spoke very well.

  7. Thank you, so do I. Yes he seems a seasoned speaker.