Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday - Helmsley photos

A visit to Helmsley for a cup of coffee and a wander, sadly the coffee machine was not working.  Helmsley is pretty, a small tourist town, you shop at delicatessens rather than large food stores. Its' history is still to be found within the town, ruined castle, old market square, and the lovely walled garden of the castle to be found here.

The little beck from the town joining the River Rye
Just love the way this old hotel has snuggled down into the land beside the church

market day on friday


  1. I have been watching a BBC reality show about people who move to the country and a realtor has them look at three houses and then describe the nearby countryside and the nearby villages, and I just love it all!

  2. 'Escape to the Country' is the programme. Those who have done well in the property market (especially londoners) come to buy the typical cottage with roses round the door. There is a problem though, most are retirees and are not of much benefit to the locals.

  3. Nice you have found views without too many people in them = not easy in Helmsley. People and bikes are a bit intrusive but I agree it is a pretty little town.

  4. There was quite a few people around, for instance the man on the nursery stall had quite a few people behind him but he was scowling in the one photo I had of him. so left him out.