Friday, February 2, 2018

The wolves of Yellowstone Park


  1. I did not watch this above, but I think I have seen part of it. We are all important in the web of life.

  2. Never thought people came back go read what I had written. I have a soft spot for the wolf they have been chased and killed through history like some terrible scourge.

  3. I watched this with Jim looking over my shoulder. During our years in Wyoming, Yellowstone was often a destination. Jim also did a great deal of horseback packing and snowmobiling in the Wind River Mtns.
    The wolf situation stirred passions pro and con--sheep and cattle ranchers staunchly insisting that wolves were damaging their grazing herds. Although there were some regrettable incidents of this, for the most part wolves prey on deer, antelope, rabbits, mice, etc.
    [We did chuckle as the footage being commented on as 'deer' was mostly elk herds!]
    Jim, who is pro-wolf, agreed with most of the commentary, but was skeptical about the effect of the wolves on the rivers. Parts of the Yellowstone National Park are devastated each year by fires that sweep through thousands of acres. The destruction to timber, wildlife, all flora and fauna in the path of the fires, is huge and regrowth takes decades.
    It is a beautiful, wild, slightly intimidating [to me] part of our country.
    I always think that when 'the balance of nature' has been upset we probably don't get it quite right again by the introduction of a single species at a time--the smallest of animals, insects, and plants have their place in the eco-system. Still, we must try.

  4. Morning Sharon, given that the commentary was done by George Monbiot, an ecological doomster if ever there was one, it is interesting to hear your side. The same misgivings apply in this country over the re-introduction of beavers and wolves up in Scotland. Beavers alter the landscape of the rivers as well, the wolves would prey on the deer in this country, of which we have over a million. Glad Jim was pro-life and very interesting what you say about the fires.


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