Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday the 17th february

I came across a new artist yesterday, his paintings were illustrated in Resurgence which I had only just got round to reading. Richard Cartwright, you can find him on the web but the three paintings I chose have to do with the garden.  The first is called 'Garden with Evening Primrose.'  I love this plant for its habit of growing unexpectedly on waste spaces.  If in the evening you stand by the plant and smell its sweet perfume, a bud will unfold for you flaring out into that pale lemon and then for a moment the petals will droop until it finds its feet from this rebirth.  Don't just buy the hybrids Oenothera, just allow the lanky, very untidy flowering plant into your garden, perhaps along with the sweet smelling nicotiana (white of course).


The Patio Garden
The summer garden

The last two remind me of Gertrude Jeykll's gardening, the use of colour, the palette that blended the reds down to the soft blues, a miracle of getting one's flowers to bloom at the same moment.  An art only to be seen in some of our old established gardens.
Our garden will never rise to such heights, no trellising with roses growing over, just neat lawn, pebble driveway and large bed overshadowed by the house - I would have designed it so differently.....

On the page next to one of the illustrations are David Attenborough's word, now our spokesman for the environment, perhaps he really did start the plastic debate with his programme on The Blue Planet.

"We have a finite environment - the planet.  Anyone who thinks that you can have infinte growth in a finite environment is either a madman or an economist....


  1. I love these paintingsThelma and have never heard of the artist.
    I am just about to start planting a new garden (sadly with Mares Tail but I shall put up with it) and am on the look out for suggestions.

    1. I had a Klimt painting on my desktop for ages, similar in style. I believe you can eat young mare tail, similar to ground elder but dont for goodness sake;) As for suggestions the perennial geraniums provide good ground colour.

  2. Replies
    1. Many of his paintings are modern, trees especially, but as always I go for the colour Rachel. Often I look at your work as well, which I enjoy. Very envious of people who can express their thoughts through art work.

  3. What lovely paintings. A touch of Pisarro there to my mind.

    Do you not feel tempted to redesign the garden to your tastes?

  4. "Do you not feel tempted to redesign the garden to your tastes?"
    Age springs immediately to mind Jennie, a garden matures over time. Yesterday Lucy brought me my new wellington boot which I have been unable to fit my fractured ankle in because it was swollen. Yesterday it fitted, and as I had just been working in the garden, I thought clever old dog;)
    My plan is to build gradually from the side with shrubs and fill the large bed with perennials. I have also been gathering pots for growing things in.