Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday - 10th February


I am often intrigued by the term 'frugal living', this could mean living off the land, shopping cheaply or perhaps just eating simply.  Access to many different supermarkets are somewhat limited here.  We have a large Co-Op in Pickering and a small Co-Op in Kirkby.  We also have Lidl in Pickering and then Malton which is several miles away boasts Morrisons, Asda, and a small Sainsbury but we hardly ever shop in Malton.
Yesterday I booked a delivery from Sainsbury for next week but this could come from Scarborough or Whitby.  True I might have got some reductions in what I ordered but it is by the way.  I consider Sainsburys expensive, but then we needed coffee beans ( they are hard to find round here), and then wholemeal bread flour, plus some different cheeses to make a fondue.  So sometime next week we shall have a whole pile of shopping dumped on the floor by the front door because we refuse plastic bags.  A picture comes back of last time when Lucy 'helping' staggered into the kitchen carrying a bag of potatoes.
But all in all we are not frugal, I actually like the Co-op which is probably second to Sainsbury in expensive items, but both do give points to be spent at a later date and the Co-op is local after all. And by the way I am not a great shopper.
Which brings me round to someone knocking on the door a few days back trying to sell their wares, a local Yorkshire firm called Ringtons, who sell the most delicious biscuits.  Though we should desist from them they are very good.
The other day I had a spike in my stats, could it be that there is interest in the fact that I mentioned harassment on the net? ;)  It was an article written by someone who implied that I was naive, a very misogynist article, so I 'flared' back on a public forum, with my heart in my mouth by the way.  But it was good for the soul, and I always think of Mary Beard fighting sexism with humour and skill.
Forums can also be a source of nastiness, you have two choices either retaliate in the same spirit, or ignore, which is probably the best option.  My philosophy is, if a person is nasty, it is their problem not mine.  So no gossipy tales, those who fall out elsewhere must find their own solutions.

Kawase Hasui (1883 - 1957)
Benten Pond, Shiba, 1929




  1. Agree with what you say on the whole Thelma. We have a large Tesco about three miles away and if I have visitors I tend to do an on line order - very helpful and I get it early in the morning (8-9) so that it is all put away early. Otherwise I shop at our extremely good Co-op or a super Deli which we also have in our little town. We are very lucky.

  2. The only deli we have is in Helmsley, and a rather good farm shop on the way to the town.


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