Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesday 25th September - doesn't time fly

Two photos taken this morning, I am struck by the detail of the early morning, the colour of the tiles, the holly berries already turning red and the different greens as Autumn slowly unfolds.  Nigel's old sheds patched to within one inch of their life, god knows what he keeps in them.  We have long conversations about nothing in particular.  Sasha the enormous dog he rescued apparently sulks because her friend Meg has not been to stay.  He has given me another blackberry plant (thornless).  He is generous with what he has, and I hate the fact that his wife is ill with cancer.  I supply her with paperbacks, she loves Phil Rickman's books.
Good news this morning, you may note that I never ask people to sign petitions, but I am doing it all the time.  Any animal or their environment in peril I will sign to stop the inevitable encroachment of our modern world.
But the great arch enemy of the natural world resides in America - Monsanto.  In its effort to make the EU use their glysophate products for a longer period, Monsanto decided to take Avaaz, a campaigning organisation to court, subpoena all the information both on emails from their supporters and all else.  Well they failed, the judge threw it out, and yes I am not so naive as to hope that Monsanto/Bayer will not come back with something,  but just for the moment I rejoice.

Our hearing just ended, and the judge absolutely DESTROYED Monsanto's subpoena on Avaaz!!!! 

He said the subpoena would have a “tremendous chilling effect”, saying "no member would want to have their privacy and their activity known" and actually gave Monsanto a lecture on democracy and free speech!! 


  1. Avaaz is too easy; it is like Facebook, click and agree, no research on the subject necessary, just "that sounds real bad, best we click and sign this petition" and then on to the next thing, "hey, that looks good" and so on. The world would be a worse place without Monsanto.

  2. I just knew you would stand up for Monsanto Rachel ;) let us disagree on that one! Just seen this on tv by the way. https://www.pharmacytimes.com/news/drug-shortage-prompts-expiration-date-extension-for-some-epinephrine-products
    And then last night, insulin makers were making the price so expensive in America that some people could not afford it. Capitalism rides again I think.

  3. Check out farming and the Monsanto and Bayer takeover and BASF. Very important to food production for the world.


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