Friday, September 28, 2018

28th September

Today Paul is off to London, though somewhat dreading it, the Joy of Sake meeting or get together is at the Barbican.  Food and wine, he has booked into a nearby hotel and then the following day off to see his two sons and grandson.  All very exciting, but he worries about the travel.
Chris the person organising it lives in Hawai and is a very old friend from the days when both were at the Daitoku-Ji temple.  Now he sells wine to the Japanese restaurants in London, we talked of having such restaurants up North but somehow I don't think they will go down too well.
We have put off going to Japan year after year, Paul wants to go in November, it is incredibly expensive trip and it is once more put off to next year, think we will be too old by then. We had an email from American friends who also wanted to go at the same time as us, Paul is not too keen on being a guide though.
Somehow my latest blog on Wales, also brings into the picture these American friends, who we took to Solva in Pembrokeshire to see the sights.  Bucky wanted to see the 'magical' spring at Presceli but only met a 'bog' halfway up a hill.  Loie made us laugh though when on seeing all the hedgerows, exclaimed why weren't they chopped down!

Here they come striding down the hill...

Breaking news this morning in the quiet town of Helmsley, human remains have been found in a cottage.


  1. With regard to returning to Japan, sometimes it is best not to go back to places and times that one enjoyed in the past but to leave things as they are and keep the happy memories and not spoil them. Interesting read of your partner's earlier life. Thank you.

  2. That is a thought Rachel, though one reason Paul wants to go back is to see his old colleagues at the studio he worked in. One of the things he is worried about is of course Kyoto is a very busy place, and that I will not be able to cope with the people - we shall see. Glad you enjoyed the biography bit.

  3. I do to some extent agree with Rachel about going back. I would have liked to go to Japan but my first husband was on the Death Railway during the war and although he never talked about it and coped with the aftermath very well he had no desire to go. The farmer preferred to to West rather than East so it was usually the US or Canada. I did once take him to Venice which is one of my favourite cities. It rained all the time we were there and the duck boards were out the whole time - not really a successful holiday.
    So think carefully - sometimes the memories are better than a return.

  4. I remember Venice when it was very hot, and a plateful of 'de fruites de mer' and as I speared a large prawn like creature it spurted blood! that's a memory and a half....


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