Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Sod Spammers: took me about ten minutes to clear all of my blogs.  Now do they think anyone is going to click on them?  This one, not sure whether the language is Chinese or Japanese is fairly persistent, I notice our Indian spammer has mooched off elsewhere.  No I am not in need of escorts ;)

What was exciting yesterday.... as I drove into the drive and stopped the car a young song thrush landed on the bonnet.  We all looked at each other rather bemused until it gathered his wits together and flew off with another one.  That morning looking out of the window I had seen, at first I thought a green woodpecker but it was rather gray.  Then realised it was the Mistle thrush, a much larger version of the Song thrush, later on in the church yard there were two Mistle thrushes, again one of them must have been a young one.  Since we have been here both these birds breed either in our long fence with ivy/virginia creepers that stretches and bounds everywhere.  Home to the noisy sparrows it will have many nests.  Or, in the great yews in the church yard, we know they are there because of the battles that take place between them and the crows.

So though we are missing the swallows we do have our thrushes returning home to breed.

The mistle thrush, which is the largest thrush at 11 inches long.

The song thrush

Both photos are from the internet, the Song thrush sounds lovely in the evening, but I am not sure I have heard the Mistle thrush, called thus because the bird eats mistletoe berries.


  1. We have a song thrush somewhere near and several blackbirds have nested in my garden and have now got to the stage of collecting worms off my front sawn. I love to watch them with their ability to collect a beak full without dropping a single one.

  2. Replies
    1. Though obviously having a mouthful of wriggling worms is not my idea of supper! Thinking of wrongly spelt words both Paul and I hear a different word sometimes in a sentence, rending the sentence nonsense. Yesterday I said there was a 'rattle' in the car Paul heard 'battle...

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