To stand alone in a field in England and listen to the morning chorus of the birds is to remember why life is precious. John Lewis-Stempel

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Autumn Artists - turn of the 20th century

Anne Althea Hills - American artist.

Chosen for those brilliant Autumn leaves, capturing their radiance.

Olgar Wisinger Florian - Austrian painter
Chosen for the feather lightness of goats beard and the browns we see so often in the garden and countryside.  And last but not least, an English female artist...

Catherine M Wood - English artist
These three have captured Autumn, in all its moody soft colours.  Yesterday I battled the great long branches of my cultivated blackberries, hacking away at briared branches that were almost as thick as my wrist. J popped her head over the fence, and said you should have planted one without thorns.  I reminded her that she had already told me that before, but in a gentle manner of course.
We had a small meeting last night about the quiz night and it is already arranged for sometime in November.  Joe said what about a summer trip to York races, not my cup of tea but we will see if it has legs, rather like the horses.  It is good to see Irene and Joe taking over the running of the village, whether or not we will stimulate life into the people who reside here is another matter, but I expect Paul will be pleased wherever he is.

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  1. He won't be far away Thelma. My dear David is close by - always. That's what keeps me going.


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