Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold Weather

The river at Ruswarp

Freezing cold weather and a migraine to boot do not make for a happy day. Tempered with nightmares and Christmas, and it becomes a witches brew.
But presents for grandchildren are on the way, and Matilda's birthday books are already there for her birthday today.
Yesterday in Bath the shops were full, each year I go to the church in the centre of the town to buy charity cards, people were milling round buying their chosen cards and the usual bits and pieces of tinselly glitter were for sale.
Bath has changed, once it was rather downmarket but now its definitely upmarket, sleek cars drive down Milsom Street with elegant females, Jamie Oliver has just opened a restaurant where the old photographic gallery used to be. Its a two level arcade there, with elegant small retail units, most empty at the moment, they really are terrible, cold and uninviting, what will Bath do if the tourists disappear.

Matilda's who is seven today

The little one caught between babyhood and being one of the 'gang'

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  1. Happy Birthday to Matilda! Hope your migraine has gone, they are miserable things. It's some years since I was last in Bath, I like it and find it an interesting place, so much history there.