Sunday, December 7, 2008

Morning walk

The textures and colours of an English countryside, caught on a crisp early morning, cannot be surpassed for beauty. Soft silvers, greens and warm browns and cream coloured grasses are highlighted by the sun as it makes it way into our world, a soft hue of peach that even turns my collie's blue merle coat a warm colour.... trees take on the shapes of the ancient gods, and the intricate patterning of their branches rest gracefully against a clear blue sky...


  1. I agree with you about the beauty of an English winter landscape, one of my favourite sights is to see a winter sunset over the moors with the black shapes of leafless trees against the flaming red of the sky.

  2. Hi Rowan, Sunset and sunrise capture nature at its best, the downs around Bath are very beautiful, and there are valleys that 'housing developments' cannot touch ;)

  3. I should imagine you have had similar bitter frosts to us Thelma. On Saturday, I foolishly chose to do a walk which started in the valley bottom (several degrees minus I fear) and it took a LONG time to warm up. LA landscape under frost is so lovely to look at though . . .


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