Monday, December 29, 2008

Xmas Holidays

Icy cold weather this side of Christmas, the downs of Wiltshire were beautiful, their softly curving slopes lightly tinged with the frost. No photos to show for it was far too cold, Hackpen Hill a long low ridge on the horizon, brave souls going for a walk along the Ridgeway. Avebury had visitors as well, the Red Lion meeting place for old TMAers, was packed on Saturday but not so on Sunday.
Friends and family we met there, pints were consumed and food eaten, people stumbled in frozen cold, boots at the door, long socks on some, why is Avebury so much colder than everywhere else. Little Michael posing for the camera, his proud father sitting next to him, running with glee to the christmas tree only to be caught by an unseen step, tears .....
My son and his friend, so different to each other and yet they complement the different facets of each other's personality.
The stones themselves grey and cold like the weather, scattered around people posing in front of them, and the Henge shop, first time I had been in there for many a year, no dog this time. Warm fire, and an exhaustive range of goodies to please most, rather lovely painted stones, glittered at the back, but prices were expensive. Books of course but my book buying days are over now, for I cannot find any to please, they are beginning to say the same thing over and over again, and truth is being lost.
Silbury posed like a frozen green xmas pudding, captured from afar, and the Longstones another first, bitterly cold in the north-east wind, they give witness to a certain amount of damage over the years, Adam and Eve stones so called, though who called them that heaven knows......

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