Sunday, August 17, 2014

17th August

End of the weekend;  Saturday we went to the Cats pub, for a sandwich and a pint for LS, drove back through a rather wet countryside, and the question that steals into my mind, if the ground is saturated now, as it is in some fields, when normally we are experiencing drought symptoms at this point of summer what happens if it rains heavily again in the winter?  The V Festival has happened in Chelmsford over the weekend and it was a bit soggy, though never as bad as Glastonbury.

In the evening a phone call from Calais the family were on their way back and would arrive at midnight which they did, the children looking very tired. Next morning my daughter and I had a morning full of gossip catching up, as Darron slept on the sofa too tired to drive back.
It transpired that their chalet did not have electricity, just gas and solar panels, so they went to bed early every night, quite happily, and D is already saying he is booking the place for next year.  But Ben says he will not go, think he missed his friends and football, and at 14 is thinking differently. The Chrysler has been playing up, on the way out it lost power at Dartford Tunnel, which they thought was down to being in a queue, but apparently it has also played up going back, they are lucky it worked on the difficult trackway to the chalet.

The car is full to the roof.

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