Wednesday, August 6, 2014


What a wonderful summer, the rain falls softly outside, and everything grows in this warm, or almost tropical weather.  This is a tiny garden, everything is grown in pots, but loads of runner beans and courgettes.  One of the secrets is of course compost which I dig out and fill the pots with, one of the hidden extras of this homemade compost is that the seeds of last year tomatoes and squashes start growing everywhere, the tomatoes are always a surprise, sweet and tasty.
I have always fancied trying Masanobu Fukuoka - The One Straw Revolution in which you grow everything in a field, allowing thing to fall to the ground and the plants reappearing the following year. There is no intervention with herbicides and fertilisers.

Starting to ripen

Small aubergines growing much to LS's delight

A new butternut, loads of male flowers, but the female fruits are starting to appear

still they come bold and brassy flowers

Pretty fennel just loves the raindrops

Behind this cutting of a fuchsia, there is a squash seedling growing from the compost the fuchsia sits in


  1. Good to see your garden - tiny but productive - providing you with such fresh produce. Mine is mainly various French beans, runners just starting, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes. Oh, and carrots and spring onions.

    I am so behind on reading blog posts - you have written some lovely ones too, I see from quickly scrolling down. Nose to grindstone again!

    1. Hi Jennie, think anything would have grown in this warm weather, with rain now and then, but it has been an eye-opener as to how things grow in pots.

  2. These are wonderful Thelma. Up here tomatoes outdoors would really not be a success unless one had a very sheltered spot for them. Our runner beans are just setting and will not be ready for another three weeks or so - even our broad beans need another week. Peas have been picked, podded and frozen. It is all so much later.

    1. Pat, Given the choice of whether to move to Yorkshire or Cornwall, I think I would plump for Cornwall if I can't grow beans!