Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sumner and Hambledon Hill

Chasing ghosts, or at least paintings, the cover of the book below shows a bird's eye view of Hambledon and Hod Hillforts painted by Heywood Sumner. So you may ask, why is it here, well The National Trust has just bought Hambledon Hill for £450,000 to protect the hill fort and the natural world, including the butterflies of this rather beautiful place, and it gives me a chance to bring up Sumner's work once more, also the original painting, which is in a private collection must be very beautiful and for me captures the evocative air of the South West of England.

Soft smudgy watercolours of the New Forest, there is something so homely about his paintings, not brilliant but made with love of the world around him.


  1. I quite like those paintings - OK maybe they are not all that good, but they have a kind of dreamy, summery atmosphere.