Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, the 12th August

 Life is quiet at the moment, after the storms of the weekend we potter around quietly, I knit and spin and allow my mind to float over 'things to be analysed' which are completely boring for a blog.  Look through houses for sale, no, have not found one yet we both like. Watched a video as I spun yesterday on 'vertical gardening', an experiment that seems to be very successful in Singapore. 
Looking for houses; not quite true, found one in Minions, cold Bodmin Moor, (9 months winter so we have been told), modern though, opposite the donkeys that LS loves, but the house is dour and the garden is just a great patch of grass.  One of the great problems in downsizing is the contents of the studio, the Japanese stuff  can only go to another conservation studio, and there are only about half a dozen in Europe. The papers and silks are beautiful but only have a limited use.
The question must be asked why do I like bleak Bodmin Moor, we are both attracted, but LS hates the cold, or the rain, in fact he just likes warm summer weather!  For me it must be the history that lies written in the landscape, a place to allow the mind to wander but it is still a long way from my family in Yorkshire.

The rain beating down on the green opposite the house, Bertha storm over the weekend

This is Charlie, a favourite dog on the green, I call him Lilliedog because he reminds me of another!  his owner spends hours seemingly just wandering around with him.


  1. The farmer always says that we are much closer to the weather up here in Yorkshire. When it is warm and sunny it is very, very nice. When it is cold and wet it is horrid.

  2. Sounds like that nursery rhythm. Yorkshire is quite magnificent in the snow though, as long as the car keeps going that is! I once travelled from York to Scarborough on the train going very slowly through the snow. Eventually arrived, no buses, but luckily a lady I had talked to on the train had her jeep at the station and we made it to Whitby.