Monday, August 25, 2014


Being retrospective once more;  Finding my apple photos bought a lot of other memories to light, the garden pond, as it developed over the years collected  many a native species. Here in these three photos you can see the mating of the blue damselfly. You need patience to see the emergence of these nymphs up the reeds as they crawled out of the water in one stage to emerge shivering into the world  as these pretty insects.

The next three used to be a favourite walk to Kelston Hill, a timeless scene, turning down the old trackway to where the deer slept at night, so overgrown it was a secret place, and then glimpsing Kelston with the old Roman trackways beneath....

Soft Somerset landscape

Moss waiting for deer to emerge from the woods

Kelston Round Hill


  1. The different greens and the 'softness' of the landscape are so soothing to the eye Thelma - wonderful stuff.

  2. Must have been my first digital camera, there is always an extra brightness to the pictures. You can see Autumn creeping in in the Somerset photos....