Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday 9th August

With all the talk of war and the suffering of people in Gaza and Iraq, there is no escape from the misery of religious stupidity that engulfs the East, I would use a much stronger word but it only adds to the mayhem of anger that swirls around, and the feeling of complete helplessness most of us feel. Who are these young men on a Jihad, have they fallen in love with an ideology, grown their hair and beards long, wrapped themselves up in flowing scarves, pranced across our screens bringing brutal death and religious fanaticism to people of other creeds.  As America now enters the battle field where will it all end, and which bloody god is sitting up there at the moment orchestrating the death of children?

So enough, I return to quieter moods, the music on the radio, St.Keyne's well in Cornwall, the musical ripple of water tumbling down rocks, the deep green of plants, and another religion picked up by the worthys of their time, The Druids, who a couple of hundred years ago captured the imagination.
Where is R.S Thomas on the subject, doubting vicar that he is, what would he have written about all this, would he have cursed his God as well, did he really believe in him?


  1. RS Thomas, my favourite poet Thelma. I am not sure that he really did believe in God - as you say - it is certainly open to question. I really wonder - is it wrong not to listen to the news at the moment? I certainly feel like not listening - one feels helpless - there seems no answer - all sides seem so intransigent.

  2. He is a bit miserable Pat, though probably in keeping with today's news, Wales is beautiful from an outside view, he seems so down on the people though...