Friday, October 16, 2015

Catching up

The other day we went on a trip to Thirsk Dog Rescue Centre, mostly to just introduce ourselves as viable dog owners.  We went the long way around, through spectacular country, so different from our part of the moors.  The place was slightly run down and you cannot see the dogs because it upsets them.  There was a rather beautiful greyhound in the foyer, happily excited and off with his new owners, his eyes gleamed with happiness.  To be honest most dogs at the Blue Cross are in other parts of the country, so we shall keep on trying.

Below is the awesome range of hills that you travel through, Whitestone Cliff is a village under the cliff below, there seems to have been a hill fort discovered on top a few years ago, and it has a very good defensive situation.  Along the approach road there are signs saying Do Not take Caravans up this hill, well we followed an old caravan pulled by an equally old van, and though he almost came to a halt on the steep bits - did manage it.

Yesterday we went out to lunch at Wombleton, the pub had a certain amount of  'wombles' memorabilia around. The manager lived in a village close to ours called Great Barugh, which you say as Great Bath, our village Normanby, also has a different pronunciation, you have to roll your rrs. He chattered away, went to school with the son of the man who sold our house to us, the builder was a regular to the pub.

The food was good, I only had a wild mushroom risotto (and must admit the mushrooms looked rather tame to my eyes) but it was good, creamy and herby, and had a thin crisp of something on top.  LS had a large beefburger which was very spicy.  The other food served to visitors looked very posh, they had a top chef, that played around with the dishes till he got perfection and a 'sous' chef, and I have just looked that one up, second in command!  All in a small pub in the countryside, the emphasis on food in this country has become too much for my sense of humour or values, we are inundated on how to cook.....

2014-whitestone-cliff-north-york-moors" by Kreuzschnabel - Own work. Licensed under CC

From a distance Whitestone Cliff


  1. I think the village you mean is Sutton under Whitestone Cliff (not so far from the Mouseman factory) and the hill you describe I am sure is Sutton Bank - notorious around here (particularly in Winter). Actually, as we have found out over the years, there is some really good pub food to be had round here - but you have to look for it.

  2. Stand corrected Pat, my daughter often says haven't you been to Sutton Bank, so it was a surprise, we did not stop, leaving that for another day.