Monday, October 12, 2015

Saturday walk

hutton le hole from above
Aerial view from the website of this village, interesting how the greenery stops at the moors, the beck winds through

Saturday we went for a walk to Hutton-le Hole.about 6 miles down the road.  As you can see it sits on the edge of the moors.  The heather is that dark colour of winter already, only the bracken enlivens the scene.  I photographed fungi along the way, tiny mushrooms no bigger than your nail, and a strange 'fingers' type fungi I think... In the village, still plenty of tourists. Also the round animal pound and a garden full of winter greens by the cottages.  Still have not been to the Ryedale Folk Museum here though.

Bracken turning golden brown

Animal pound

Hutton-le Hole round animal pound

An exuberant winter vegetable garden

 Conkers and Horse Chestnuts;

Cowichan Sweaters - The Coast Salish Knitters


  1. Have never been to Hutton le Hole Thelma - but your shots are interesting - I notice we have various fungi around - must take some photographs.

    Didn't know (or have forgotten) that you are a patchworker. I used to be before I got a tremble in my right hand which makes sewing (and threading the machine) difficult. I have several patchwork books that I don't know what to do with. Don't know whether you would like them - if I listed them for you perhaps you could tell me whether you have them or not and whether you could accommodate them. I am trying desperately to get rid of 'stuff' and shall never need these again. (Have also got a book with a hundred crochet patterns)
    - I would be delighted to give them to you.

  2. Hi Pat, that is a generous offer, though I must admit I downsized quite a lot of books. So yes would be interested in the patchwork books. Maybe one day soon we will try to get up to your part of the world, and we could pick them up...

  3. Would be delighted to see you any time you like to call in - and of course you could then see the Dales, so different from the North York Moors but just as beautiful in their way.

  4. Well we went to the Thirsk dog rescue centre today Pat, (the long way round) but went via Stokesay, the landscape was so different. So hopefully one day we should make it up to your part of the world..

  5. How did the dog rescue go - any nearer getting a pet? I hate the places - I cannot bear the look of desperation in the eyes of every dog and I want to bring them all home with me.
    Re your comment on your fine hair on my blog. How I envy anyone with the sort of hair that they can just pin up - mine is nigh on unmanageable.

  6. Well actually you are not allowed into the kennels, we went because we thought it would help to see that we were perfectly good owners;) And no we still haven't found one, many are being adopted at the rate of knots, which is good of course.
    As for hair, I would much rather have 'thick hair' that stays put, never go to the hairdressers, waste of money.....