Sunday, October 18, 2015


Our three have settled down quite happily, they follow like three small puppies when we appear in the garden, flapping over to see if there is any food on the go. They are though a tad destructive, pansies, wallflowers and primulas have been shredded, and now I wonder if we should give them a small run, and just a couple of hours in the garden.  Only one is named, the lightest colour one and we call her 'fluffy bum', she has what we call a 'Lillie' type nature, I have it to according to LS as well, and that is the ability to wander off in a dream in our own little world, very independent!

They don't like blue pansies thank goodness

Always fascinated when we are eating tea, they would be in the house immediately if allowed.

Edges are what they love, LS's little Japanese prototype garden is always raked over onto the path.

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon, the farming year is coming to a slow halt though I still see tractors pulling great rolled bales of straw, and yesterday green silage.   I am fascinated by the straight lines that start to unfold across the landscape, even the lane is as straight as a die,

Deep ditches means that flooding must be a problem

New crops already planted and growing

New arrivals down the road, Shetland ponies.
We stopped off at the pub next door, saturday afternoon and it was quiet, someone played tunes on the jukebox, and I'm sure Mike Jagger's 'Brown Sugar' came up, and I remembered dancing all those years ago, before they were even famous, at Eel Pie Island in Twickenham....

Sometimes when I look at my stats, other blogs come up today it was this A Walk to Kelston Hill


  1. Love those Shetland ponies.
    Yes re the farms round you - I expect, like the farmer, they like to keep off their land when it is wet as it does such damage.

  2. Shetland ponies are sweet, but do not have much purpose in life, as they are far too small to ride or pull a cart!