Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday -23rd October

Social life in the village;  We went to the quiz night at the pub last night organised by C.  It included a pie, chips and pea supper.  It was well attended, our table did not win, but we made a passable effort at the questions.  There is something very parochial about the pub, farmers can be found, the retired as well, and the whole shebang is run by a very young Harriet, with the help of her siblings.  The food arrived hot and piping at the same time for about 35 people, as always great platefuls, and though I am not a meat pie eater, (just ate the pastry) it was delicious.  LS says he wants to be on the Events Committee, than the Parish Council, then a church warden.....

I can already see what draws LS to having a say, we had, up to last week, a solar sign that lit up when you came into the village over 30 mph, it has been taken down, apparently it was only temporary. But our neighbouring village has these bollards being put up that stop one side of the traffic, with red and white arrows to tell you who has right of way, three to be precise, they obviously have more pulling power with Ryedale Council than our village;)

I am rather nervous today about picking up Lucy, feel for her dislocation from her old life, and wonder how she will settle in, and the sadness of course of her old owners, who obviously care for her.

By my side there are a colourful array of felts and and some red materials, bought from a patchwork shop in Thirsk the other day which we found up a little alley and was filled like an Aladdin's cave full of bright materials. Christmas here we come  - unfortunately!


  1. Sounds like a typical Yorkshire village to me Thelma.

    Good luck with Lucy. I am sure she will just need a lot ot TLC for the next few days/weeks until she gets into your ways.

  2. I'm sure that Lucy will be fine with you - lots of love and kindness and she'll soon settle and will probably be happier because she's inside with you rather than outside. Dogs are adaptable and with time it'll be like she's always been with you xxx