Sunday, October 25, 2015


The Winterbourne at Avebury

The clocks have been changed once more, and I sit here waiting for my coffee, we will have it earlier and adjust each day ;).  I am sure someone, somewhere, in a higher authority must see the sense of this hour change twice a year but from where I sit, it is silly.

I am not actually not doing anything, cutting out felt xmas trees listening to Bealtaine Cottage Soundcloud, her soothing voice cutting the hassle out of life.  Lucy is asleep under my work table and LS is fixing the clocks.

My Resurgence magazine came yesterday, and whilst reading an article about water last night I fell asleep but I shall quote a few words that Satish Kumar has quoted from a Ghandian scholar and political activist....

"Be as flexible as water," said Vinoba, "if you put water in a bottle it takes the shape of the bottle.  If you put it in a glass it takes the shape of the glass. Water accomodates itself to the environment, yet it never loses it identity.  You too can be true to your nature yet never be in conflict with your surroundings, never in conflict with your neighbours, with your family or your friends.  Water has no enemies. Water is always there in the service of plants, animals and humans, quenching their thirst and nourishing all life....... Water lives to maintain the life of others"

There is another good article by Monty Don, we can almost call him a 'guru' of gardening but this time he writes about craft, and there are some lovely photos of pottery and woodwork.  And of course as the main theme of the magazine is about water, Alice Oswald gets quoted  from her long river poem called 'The Dart'

Such am I who flits and flows
and seeks and serves and swiftly goes -
the ship sets sail, the weight is thrown,
the skyline shifts, the planks groan,
the glint glides, the gust shivers
the mast sways and so does water.

I have subscribed to Resurgence for over 30 years, it drops through the letterbox six times a year, sometimes I get cross with the articles written within it, as the world around me departs further from the rational of the argument that we should be more caring to the Earth and the people on it.  All I see in the news is the sadness of the world, the unhappy faces of refugees, the people fleeing from yet another war zone, the stupid faces of the politicians pretending that they have everything under control.  They are all lost.  Perhaps chaos is the only thing we can expect when humans are in control, but some manage to live tucked away quietly in backwaters, reading wise words and tending the land.
The old willow at Swallowhead spring


  1. I can't agree more with your thoughts. Glad Lucy seems to be working out, I have had several rescue dogs but as we live on a farm they are larger dogs who live out.

  2. Hello Penny, Glad you like the thinking. Lucy has settled very well into our routine, loves her food, does not chase hens but does drag 'things' around the place!