Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday 24th October

Well first night over, with a few disturbances as slippers and shoes were brought upstairs but she eventually settled down,  I know spaniels are 'retrievers' of game, but just wonder if it could be carrying pups around as well.

The weather has turned wet as they said it would, Talktalk has been hacked, with already murmurs that people have had their accounts hacked.  One thing I notice in the stats of this blog, is that the predominate visitors  are Russian.  I try to be careful as to what I write, and can't really be of interest to any hacker/scammer but globalisation has a lot to answer for.  And for the record, my mobile is about 14 years old (probably one of the first) still works, no internet access, the thought of walking around with all my information on a phone terrifies me.....

Lucy gets nervous if she can't find one or the other of us, LS has fallen in love with her and coped with her restlessness last night, so my slow introduction of animals into his life is working;) She has extraordinary 'leopard' legs.  Adam vaccinated her yesterday, gave me some worming tablets and a veterinary history which looks good, her teeth will probably need cleaning at some time in the future, and she needs to finish here vaccination round in a couple of weeks.

First arrival in the house, spied the slippers and that was that...


  1. Ahhh Bless her - she is gorgeous, do you think that an old teddy bear might save the slippers? She looks so relaxed lying on the rug in front of the fire - looks like she's making herself 'at home' already xxx

    1. Guess who gave away all soft toys when we moved, there is a large old teddy that my first grandson used to drag around, maybe she can have that. It's the slippers that end up in the garden that are the problem..

  2. Isn't she a poppet? The slipper thing must be like a comfort blanket for her. I hope she soon settles in, and good to hear that you have LS trained already and in love with her already too!

  3. Yes and also a very gentle poppet Jennie, she settled last night quite happily though, except of course she is not supposed to get on the chairs!

  4. So glad it has all worked out. From the photographs she appears to have settled in and taken over. How she will enjoy your walks in such lovely countryside.

  5. Seems to have Pat, there is a touch of laziness in her soul though, not sure she will be up to long walks ;)