Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday 21st October

Today we wake up to a dark grey rainy day, the raindrops clustered thickly on the front windows, which tells me that it comes from the west.  Yesterday and the day before it was sunny and beautiful.
We went to collect some kindling from the track way that goes to Hill Farm, and capture the leaves turning and the heady green tunnel  leading to the top will soon be a thing of the past, the bare trunks shorn of their leaves.

Whenever LS looks at a view like this, he states 'I cannot believe that we are living in such a marvellous place'

Today we go to Thirsk to see Lucy, a small black and white cocker spaniel, 8 years old, her owner wants to rehome her, she is not a good 'working dog' and wants the comfort of a home not an outside kennel.  We will see, it is a bit like introducing a baby into the house, new beds, toys and food!

Today, and it has probably been in the pipeline for months, our conservative government sells this country's assets away once more, as the whole paraphernalia of state sets out the red carpet and prostitutes itself to the Chinese - shame on Osbourne and Cameron, remember Tibet?


  1. Totally agree with your last paragraph Thelma.

    Hope the dog thing goes well. I agree it is a bit like rehoming a baby but that little dog sounds to me as though she just wants a continuation of the TLC she has been getting - and she would e a good companion through lanes like the lovely one in your photographs.

    As for collecting kindling, luckily on days like today (windy) we get plenty blown off the trees on our land to keep us going.

    1. Well we spent a long time there, but as you can see from the above, if all goes well she will be coming home with us on friday.

  2. I agree with you on all counts, but what worries me most is letting China get a foot in the door and a hand in the till . . . Short term gain - long term loss.

    1. Jennie it seems a lot of people feel like we all do, it makes no sense to hand out our nuclear viability to people we know little of. Thirty billion pounds worth of trade, brilliant Osbourne - just let us hope that we don't become another province of China!