Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday 7th October

Teasing Lucy to get a good photo.  No she does not drink beer, it is biscuits that have attracted her attention.

Harvest Festival yesterday at the church, pumpkins, marrows and chrysanthemums, not forgetting the bountiful harvest of apples.

The village of Marton, seemingly without much history, no church but two chapels, which would give it a 17th century date maybe. Note the muted paintwork and the door which I rather like.

The 'journeyman's' small cottage in our village, stuck between the old forge and the larger cottage.  A journeyman seems to have been a craftsman who moved from town to town, but one could also see this small cottage as a place to lay one's head at night.


  1. Lovely peaceful (and clean and tidy) village. I rather think I have driven through it sometime as those lovely cottages seem familiar.

  2. Yes almost too spick and span, there is very rarely any people about.