Sunday, October 30, 2016


Just a few photos from the walk yesterday, lovely mild weather, which is set to continue.

The notice says that the potholing cave is on private land

Typical forestry a smatter of indigenous trees hides the great straight lines of  evergreens behind

wet and muddy underfoot

Lucy who enjoyed the pond like puddles

LS who did not

a track through the trees

Sit in comfort and shoot any passing pheasant....
I have written about Halloween before, mostly about the Welsh tradition, so here are a couple of earlier blogs.


  1. Nice Autumnal photographs Thelma. You must have been up early today to put this blog on. Perhaps like us, you just could not sleep in. When the clocks go back it always takes us a week or two to get into our stride again.

    1. Hello Pat. Yes, the turning back of the clocks also throws us a bit as well.

      Yesterday's walk was more muddy than we expected. Lucy loved it for about half an hour and then started whimpering as if to say 'We're too far away from the car so can we go back now please.'

      Such a drama queen!