Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday 25th Octpber

Yesterday I snapped the nasturtiums and campanula on the front,  today the flowers might have caught the frost that now covers the fields, the weather changes so quickly.  The cold East wind has disappeared, the showers becoming less.  On Sunday as I walked Lucy over the bridge a car stopped on the other side of the road. Thinking that I was about to be asked for directions to a place I did not know I stopped.  But no, the lady in the car said - I just had to stop and point out the rainbow to someone, and turning round there was indeed a rainbow behind me, thanking her for such a lovely reminder we walked on, Nigel was on the grass verge as well gathering 'browse' for his goats.

Yesterday I planted pots of lilies, to be stored up the side of the garage, amongst them was 'tiger lilies', which reminded me of my childhood garden.  Our gardener, would plant a large central bed with what seemed to me every flower under the sun, edged with nemesia flowers, the tiger lilies browsing amongst delphiniums and lupins, I think from this flowerbed my love of plants developed. The tall gladioli and irises that surrounded the sand pit at the end, here in this summer paradise of flowers I would read my Saturday quota of books from the library......long summer days

last roses, with dried heather behind

There is so much colour around in Autumn, the dark red chard, and the red of marmande tomatoes which have produced a heavy crop which has been turned into soups.  Cooking this morning some cakes to make, Lucy's chicken thighs to cook, tomato soup and breadmaking.  Turning up an old 'apple' cookbook, I see you can also chutney crab apples, not sure I will try that, but crab apple jelly has stood in well for redcurrant jelly.


  1. We have masses of crab apple trees on our land and oe year I made crabapple jelly. Sadly, I must have done something wrong because it just did not keep at all and went mouldy almost at once. Have never tried since.

  2. Well it must be something to do with water? I boil the sugar and crab apple juice till it reaches the 'set' and then sterilise the jars with hot water. Perhaps if you ever get round to making it again, a round of baking paper/greaseproof on top of the jelly will stop it..

  3. Thanks for that advice Thelma. The blackbirds have now got most of this year's crop (or it is lying on the ground, where the cattle will get it) but I might try again next year, because I do like the finished product.