Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday 22nd October

Grabbing my day, or perhaps being paranoiac.  Last night I put my settings on 'private',  I had noticed an unusual spike in my viewing stats, they all seem to be coming from one source, a blog domain. Poland first spiked, then America with over 500 hits, visions of spammers, or hackers came into view.  LS said don't worry but I did and I shall continue with 'private' settings at night for a couple of days.... 

Life is pretty quiet, I am in a headache zone, which means I can't think straight a lot of the time.  Yesterday I sorted out bits and pieces in the garden, there are lily and tulip bulbs to plant, some trees and soft fruit to buy.

Walking soothes the head, though the brain gets annoyed at the dead white colour of the rocks they are laying on the terrace above the river, and the river board people are very noisy as well.  One of the problems is there is only two walks in this village, unless you count the one up the old green path and then on to land you are likely to get told off on!  So I am longing for woods or the moor.*
This morning Clair Balding, on one of her walks around the marshes of Dunwich with a writer who mentioned psychogeography.....

Psychogeography was defined in 1955 by Guy Debord as “the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals”.  

Actually, or to be more precise it is about the urban meandering indulged in when you go for walk around a city but seems to be used in a context about the countryside as well.  Take the long word away it is about the emotional and physical enjoyment of just pottering in the open with hopefully not a care in the world.  But it just happens to be wrapped up in one if those jargon words.

When I bought my new computer I also indulged in a new external hard drive, small and neat it came with a set of gobblygook words which threw me, but not giving up I just installed it and then went to my photos to find the 'command'  word, which worked. Still haven't worked out 'Office' and 'pdf' files but one day maybe.................

A walk is a tangle of branches and leaves, with glimpses of the river and then stopping by old giants and greeting them in the morning.

So what grabbed my interest yesterday, perhaps a Russian warship, an aircraft carrier (we don't even have one!) sailing past the white cliffs of Dover, bluff or bullying?

And then this;- You Want it Darker video, some how two thoughts coalesced....


  1. Walking is indeed a good way to sort one's thoughts--although perilous to undertake with migraine.
    You mention a new computer--I'm wondering about your settings as recently your blog 'stretches' way beyond my screen--I have to use directional arrows to move the page so I can read a whole sentence. [??]
    My blog did that several years ago, but of course I can't recall what caused it or how I
    fixed' the issue.

    1. Hi Sharon, yes I made the type larger because I could not read it myself, but often wondered how it appeared on the blog to other people, perhaps I should change it though. This is Windows 10, all a bit fancy but there is a large window of everything to mess around with.

    2. I've opted to stay with Windows 7--I think if one is buying it has to be the latest version. I'm sure as you 'mess around' there'll be a way for you to see your own work and have it appear to others in proper proportion.