Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday 19th october

Where do you start when one gets angry.  A level art, and A level archaeology off the list of subjects to study in 6th forms. People are getting cross at the inroad to our own culture, (or to any culture) is nothing sacred as we type away on little hand held squares that transport us to the latest love life or bosom of the new nonentities that strut the stage at the present time.
Maybe I am really and truly getting old, when the idea that learning through education and reading is thrown on the scrap heap of worthless time wasting.  Water down the world into economics and jobs, forget the pleasure of knowledge for its own sake, seems to be the new way of life.

edit; so what did Steve Jobs say.."Technology alone is not enough - it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities that yields the results that make our hearts sing"

What else has caught my attention, well now this is news reporting on archaeology.  Some archaeologists are so busy trying to get into the news that a few have made rather stupid errors in their interpretation of what they have found.  Mike Pitts gives a list under Strange Case of the dog in the Tunnel.  Could not agree more, a 7000 year old dog tooth found at Blick Mead near the magic Stonehenge, use Stonehenge in a headline and you will have a rapt audience so the media seems to think.  Anyway this dog tooth metamorphosed into an 'Alsatian' making its way down from Yorkshire to the South, all this you can interpret from the isotope analysis of the tooth, and presumably its size.

And not forgetting the dropping of 'nature' words from the Oxford Dictionary for children, replacing them with the new technical words.


  1. There is an interesting article about this in today's Times - I personally think it is disgraceful, as you obviously do.

  2. Yes I read that article by Alice Thomson, like the quote from Steve Jobs, which answers my query above...