Thursday, December 22, 2016

22nd December

"What is he who dreaming sees, and after 'dreaming the imprinted passion Remains, and to his mind the rest returns not, such am I, for almost utterly Ceases my vision, and even distills my heart the sweetness born of it."
- Dante, Paradiso, Canto XXXIII

Qual e’ colui che somniando vede, che dopo ‘l sogno la passione impressa rimane, e l’altro a la mente non riede, cotal son io

For Littlestone, who has nagged so much for me to take photos of the restaurant! And also Pat, thank you for the Solistice poem, LS also put one up as well for the Solstice, a Seamus Heaney one, Heaney of course did an archaeological course in Ireland.

Lunch out yesterday, LS's birthday treat at The Plough Inn at Wombleton.  What does he have? the same as always, tempura prawns with a salad and a side bowl of fries, me I try the cashew nut/fruit curry, good though rather sweet, Lucy shared my poppadum.  We have to lunch in the bar above with Lucy but I have now taken photos of the restaurant bit, rather empty yesterday.  There are a few pubs like this round the area, gastro-pubs I suppose they are called, the girl who served us spoke highly of our pub  the Sun Inn next door and was going with her boyfriend for New Year.  It has quite a reputation the Sun Inn, serving massive meals for the locals, who will of course include farmers and putting on 'events', all run by Harriet, under 25 years old, Lucy, 16 years old and still at school, and William their brother who helps out. Gastro it may not be but their pies are greatly sought out ;)

The Wombles of Wombleton

Inner dining room

the other end


  1. I smiled at the Gastro pub idea. My farmer always judges any meal out by the amount served (even if he has to leave some!). I must say our meal at The Black Swan in Ravenstonedale last Sunday was excellent - especially the christmas pudding souffles with cinnamon ice cream. The Wombles pub looks very cosy.

  2. The Xmas pud sounds nice, must try some souffles one day.Gastro pub is perhaps unfair, the pub nowadays have to survive of course and the quality of food judged by the customer.

  3. That looks a lovely place for a meal and the food sounds good too. Compared to Keith, LS is adventurous!

    Have a lovely Christmas with your family.

  4. Your pub looks very inviting--reminds me of a favorite restaurant in Vermont decades ago which had a bay window full of plants and a great stone fireplace with a fire crackling away in cold weather.

  5. It is a typical old house, upgraded into a pub and restaurant but very popular, though not on the day we visited.