Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday 20th December

Two pictures, the foggy fields that are part of the weather every morning, and then that glorious photo of the bridge in Spain which appears as my desktop photo when I switch on the computer. Surprisingly I still love this wretched English weather, the middle tree is the 'buzzard tree', it's shape is distinguished by the ivy that clings so lovingly to the trunk.  Familiarity is of course the name of the game, we look out constantly on the outside world, watching the moon wane as it is now, waiting for Solstice which is around this time, as the year turns neatly round and we head towards the light.  All is measured, time is not an element just something we measure our lives around.  I could tell you that all the rabbits have disappeared in that long bank, Nelson must have shot or trapped them.  Occasionally I hear a dog in his caravan, probably lent by another poacher.

Normanby's weather

puente nuevo bridge spain
The weekend has gone, not read a scrap of news, though have watched the evacuation of children and adults from Aleppo on the television, how are they going to rebuild these towns, do they want to?
Assad in the comfort of his palace must be brought to justice for what he has unleashed on his people, but what to do about all these homeless people; give money to the various organistions for sure but who will comfort those children from the horrors of war.
To return to home news, the safe and comfy life we all lead, and which is denied others on this planet. Lucy had a wash and clip yesterday by Allison down the road, her parents live on a small holding, which is apparently registered.  E was complaining that they had no notification about the Avian flu from Defra, as we all know the first confirmed case is in Lincolnshire amongst a group of turkeys, all will be culled of course, and a family will lose a substantial part of their income. N has built a small run for his chickens and ducks, but E says her ducks don't like being shut up and have gone off their food.  I bought my little lot some wood shavings to play around in the run, which keeps them amused and they are still laying plenty of eggs.

Pub tea with the family, my daughter loves our pub, the 'characters' you meet is her excuse, here they are choosing music to play, second one down and our glamorous Matilda, looking somewhat like Heidi with those pigtails keeps her phone constantly to hand, her hair is a source of crossness on my part;), Lucy has become somewhat blurred, constant movement is her problem.

Old scruff with sock

Smelling sweet, tail wagging

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