Thursday, December 29, 2016

29th December

  Two old photos..
A blistering hot day with Moss my old dog in Bath

Solva, the woods opposite the Cambrian Inn

A fog descends on us like the 'peasoupers' I experienced in Wolverhampton as a child when hurrying home from school.  But yesterday as the fog lifted by lunch and the sun came through, the world became crystallized by the hoar frost that lay on the land - so beautiful.  The world is and can be a very beautiful place, nature makes it so.  Sadly I did not take photos of the walk, just marvelling at the crystals that formed on each blade of grass, and the spider webs caught up in the tracery of ice..
So the 'Grim Reaper' is taking his toll this winter, each morning more news comes after each death, celebrities we have known.
A small story from before Xmas, there was a burial a couple of months ago and the headstone was erected recently, also about two weeks ago a stonecarver came and cleaned up the stone next to the new arrival so I went to look.  Now I could be making this story up but I came to the conclusion that two brothers had been laid side by side with a gap of 80 years between them.  The first a toddler of 19 months had died in June 1936, the second much older person had been born in August 1936 and had died in June of this year..  There is a story everywhere you care to look, I marvelled at the longevity of love for this little mite so many years ago, no photo because there are names.

Still reading Rickman's 'The Fabric of Sin' in which is mentioned Garway Church, which incidentally does exist and was built by the Knight's Templars, the tower is joined by a short passageway, obviously it was defensive, all photos from Wikipedia....

The story is set in Herefordshire on the Welsh/English border, and this church is not far from the more famous Kilpeck Church.

The 'green man' looking not very green, no foliage for a start, and his fingers seem to be in his mouth, and is that a cord and tassels, or maybe a snake?

Now this below is the dovecote, on private land, apparently according to the story it has 666 pigeon holes inside?? not sure I believe that, it looks rather harmless.


  1. I do agree that there are stories everywhere if only you look for them Thelma. And I think that graveyards are a very good place to start.
    A dear friend is shortly to move away from the village and go and live with her daughter who has bought a house near Hereford. Her son has discovered that his five times back grandfather actually lived in the same village, although they all originally come from London. Happy New Year to you all - and let's hope for a pleasant 2017 of blog communication! (and maybe we shall finally meet!)

  2. And a Happy New Year to both of you, I am sure we will finally meet but not in this unpleasant fog which is so freezing at the moment. X

  3. Aging helps one see the juxtaposition of events over grand spaces of time. Make me ponder. That old architecture is somewhat imposing and sad. Looks like snakes crawling out of his mouth.

  4. Green Men are mostly foliate, (have greenery in the carving,) which this one doesn't have, neither has the nearby famous Kilpeck Church which also has a green man and is very similar. So the older you get history becomes easier to thread together that is of course if you don't lose your marbles in the aging process ;).