Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday 17th December

A lovely little video made in 1978 about two girls bringing up a baby blackbird, and it survived. Reminded me of the story about the little grey kitten that stood on our doorstep meowing piteously early one morning. Getting up, probably to go to the loo, I heard this noise and upon opening the front door the most beautiful long haired kitten sat there with a great long bramble caught up in his tail. Quickly came in, I got my son up who would have been about 12 years old to hold the kitten whilst I teased out the bramble.  The kitten fell asleep on his lap, and he knelt there on the hall carpet for probably a couple of hours whilst it slept.  We had that kitten for three weeks, though I advertised him all over the village, we had thought it would stay with our two cats, so I took him to the vets for a check-up and worming.  Couple of hours later, the phone rang, the owner had been found having just rung up the vet.
To say that the owner was happy is an understatement, over the moon more like it, he came into the sitting room his face fell as he saw our two curled up on the settee, then he spied his little poppet and his life was restored ;) Later that day two carrier bags of goodies landed on our step in grateful recognition for looking after his little kitten, my son was not too happy though!
Well the family come down today, and it is LS's birthday tomorrow, so it is the weekend before Xmas!  Our friends came for coffee yesterday and chatted all morning, they are going next year for a boat ride, okay cruise around the Scottish Islands, dearly as I would love to do that those fierce seas would put me off.  Apparently the people of St.Kilda, who as we all know were taken off their Island, rather then being put in one place together were separated on the mainland, and according to J the last person has just died.  Another interesting fact, originally the islanders all lived in a rounded block of houses, think Scara Brae because they were protected on all sides from the weather.  Well those dratted missionaries, or their equivalent came along in the 19th Century and made them live in that long line of cottages, which of course was open to the terrible storms of the sea.  Must find a book on the subject.

St.Kilda's High Street


  1. You sound like me Thelma. We intend to do another cruise next year as we enjoyed this year's so very much. Friends are doing the round the British Isles cruise and said why didn't we join them. The thought of sea travel fills me with horror - I am the very worst sea traveller. I'll stick to rivers thank you.

  2. Yes the seas around our very long coastline can be rough especially the islands round Scotland, think I would much prefer to walk the coast path!

  3. Wish I could walk the coastal path - not mobile enough.
    Those exposed cottages must have taken the full force of the weather. Why couldn't they have left the islanders to organise
    themselves in the way they knew to be best.
    Re those horses above Ravenstonedale. Somebody is obviously coming to feed them, which is why they are for once by the side of the road. There was quite a lot of hay about.

    1. That is good news, on the Cornish moors ordinary ponies are left to fend for themselves and are often starving in winter, luckily there is an organisation that keeps an eye on them.
      Doubt if I could do the whole coastal path, but many people do a few miles a day. Jim said the last islander had died recently, sad when such things happen/