Tuesday, December 27, 2016

27th December

The world is still dark outside, and the house quiet, Lucy has had something wrong with her paw for sometime, so walking has been stopped the last few days.  She of course brings it on herself by scratching at the door of the hens, think she reckons they have better food than her! Too dozy to wake up for opening presents but she does at last and is happy with the snowman.

Well I had  Phil Rickman's books, one already read the Susan Lulham, it did not have a satisfactory ending though, you have to get the next book written from this novella.  Nigella always appears at Christmas for me mostly cookery books from my daughter, and she also bought me Kaffe Fassett 'Glorious Needlepoint' plus a large saucepan for cooking all the pasta they need when they come!

Sometimes I think Rickman has been crossed with Steven King and a historian...

Christmas day was spent in the morning talking to family on the phone and then lunch time next door to the pub. The girls offer a free drink, though we always try to pay.  Neighbours from across the road came in with their family, all over from Australia, two darling little girls skipped around, the fire crackled and the world was at peace.  LS, or Paul, is over the moon living in this village, all that I can ask for says he............ 

Two storms have rattled through, rain on the wind, which blows from the West with such ferocity, luckily the leaves are down from the trees.  Note how I can always know the way of the wind, it is because we live next door to a church, facing east/west.......

Which reminds me of two articles I have read online, the first is about trees and the fact they are living organisms, able to communicate with each other, and also feeling pain, the link is here.   And the second is only of interest to those that love megaliths..


  1. Love the idea about trees Thelma. You sound to have had a lovely
    Christmas. We have too - spent with family (including a ten month old great grandchild, so plenty of fun there) - and are now slowly returning to earth. I have had plenty of new reading material - just startinga Kate Atkinson (one of my favourite writers) and three more to go, plus a couple of wildlife books. Sorry about the paw - Tess is suffering from a bit of a surfeit of turkey. Happy New Year to you both.

    1. Thank you Pat, the paw problem started months ago, the vet gave a verdict of an ingrowing hair in the paw and she might need an operation, so we will see, it doesn't really hurt Lucy though. Glad you had a marvellous Christmas, roll on the New Year and Spring.

  2. Enjoy the Phil Rickmans. I read the House of Susan Lulworth earlier in the year and enjoyed it, and the Fabric of Sin a while back. His new one comes out on 5th January . . .

    Great links. I'm on my way downstairs but early tomorrow, I will sit and read SLOWLY.

    I'm glad that Paul is so happy living where you do now, and that you had a lovely Christmas.

    1. Morning Jennie, yes Rickman is a very atmospheric writer and does his research well, problem is I can never put down a book when started and they are very long books. Yes Paul has settled happily into village life and would not be anywhere else. Trust you and your family had an enjoyable time as well.