Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Grace of Nature

Yesterday on our walk across the fields, two birds made their appearance.  The first was the beautiful Barn Owl, it floated out gently in front of us, not afraid it circled around us, hunting probably, across the field it went back and forward, no camera to record but a marvellous sight.  At last it disappeared into the rickety old buildings of the farm house.  Look at that face, almost comical but adapted to hunting by day or night.  I wished him success.

So what was the second bird, a buzzard, probably my favourite, watching them turn slowly in the sky wheeling around on an updrift, always sends an optimistic thrill through me.  This one I see most times  around the field I even know his favourite tree,  as he registers our presence for sitting in, whilst we wander along the path, and hopefully disappear from his life, we don't as we have to make our way back because of the mud the river people have created.


  1. Love owls. That photo is perfection.

  2. Wish I could take such photos, that one comes from elsewhere.

  3. We hear them every night hunting round the church yard, think there are plenty of mice round here.