Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Yorkshire - Wednesday 14th Dec.

Photographs are so easy these days, snap the picture and then put it on your computer, nothing more. Remember the old days, fiddly film rolled round the little clasp, (do not get light on the film) and then removing the finished film, off to the chemist for development, and then those photos that never quite hit the mark....
Well time for computer photos, taken over the last few years, churches figure extensively alongside their accumulated history. Then there are the moors, barren places, sheep grazing, the call of the curlew and the grouse.  
I am in a nostalgic mood this grey day, as the skeleton trees and dark sodden leaves lie heavily everywhere, the slow uphill grind to the 21st of this month, when  the year, or at least the sun. will turn round and flood our part of the Earth with light.  So here we are............

A typical small hamlet

My heart always jump as we go over the cattle grids onto the moor.

Grazing sheep

My favourite part of the moor

A quiet Whitby

Looking across to our bit of Whitby

The woods before we get to the Cawthorn Roman Camps

One of the camps covered in heather and long grass

The  Roman ground defended from those warlike tribes of the North!

Sheep graze the church yard at Lastingham

The sheer solemnity inside a church, which still takes my breath away

This Christian cross would had stood 24 feet high

The museum pieces lying in the crypt of Lastingham, the Viking carving hardly decipherable

Viking pagan snakes invading a church

And last but not least the heather burning on the moor, and a tiny speck of a grouse., for which the burning of the heather which encourages new growth, so that the grouse will feed, produce more young, for them to be shot!  Weird old world we live in.


  1. I remember at least once where the film came off the tracks and rolled itself back up leaving me with no photos plus the cost of developing.

  2. ;) polaroid is almost as bad, as it gently fades in the album.

  3. Lovely photographs Thelma = a real treat on a rather grey misty day.

  4. Can't wait for the year to change ;)