Wednesday, April 19, 2017

19th April

Guilt;  Why do we suffer it so, should have said this or that, should not be so harshly judgmental, or, now this is foolish considering it went back five years, I should have taken our friends the right way round to the 'sacred springs'  they were looking for on the Prescelis!  It still catches my breath, though I'm sure all is forgiven for making them walk up an uphill bog, though I think they were exaggerating there.
So as I look through my photographs of my favourite place on earth in a bout of nostalgia, I remember standing by the car for what seemed like hours, hoping they hadn't got lost or slipped into a bog.........Of course they arrived safely back.

The landscape from the top

Tumble of rocks

Rounding up the sheep

The wanderer's return

Pentre Ifan

Sheep coming back at fast trot


The Bishop's Palace at St.David's, Wales


  1. Loved those photographs of St David's Thelma - they brought back many happy memories for me.

  2. That part of the Welsh coast is my most favourite place Pat, and especially Solva.

  3. Some very familiar places there Thelma. Do you ever regret not moving to Solva, or was it just too far from family in the end?

  4. Family is too far away Jennie from Wales, but I would have loved to live in Solva at some stage. So at the moment nostalgia.

  5. By the way - that wisteria is wonderful.