Sunday, April 30, 2017


we have in the near future to vote, not only locally but nationally as well.  Well I am stumped as to how to vote.  Locally it will be for someone to protect the environment of the North York Moors, he is a 'Liberal' not 'Liberal Democrat'.  Basically he stands against fracking in the area, which has already been given the go-ahead by the government.. So Kevin Hollincrake, my MP you are not getting my vote, because you are  a conservative and as a conservative you will sell anything to anyone to make a profit - its called the free market and I definitely do not hold with that.
That is what I call a 'statement of intent', but where does it leave my voting nationally, I really do not have much confidence or faith in either Liberals or Labour parties,  I suspect there is a lot of people like me around.
There is another threat to the moors, this time an enormous potash mine at Sneaton, promises that it will be environmentally secure, (don't let me weep into that bucket) I do not believe because, they say, there is going to be an enormous tunnel to transport it all the way to Teeside thereby keeping traffic off the roads.  Someone should of course speak out for the environment, and certain organisations have done, but we need a spokesman represented in the Houses of Parliament, and to be quite honest we need a new system of government but that is unlikely to happen.
Industrialisation has a lot to answer for, it may have given the average life of a human being a better world, though not so in other parts of the world - check which part of the world your clothes came from or that chocolate the beans picked by children.  But the enormous tractors that till the soil, destroy it in the same process, and those giant tunnel boring machines undermine the very existence of our water supplies and the ground we walk upon.
End of rant;


  1. You vote for the candidate who is closest to your mindset, and then you write him and send a check or two and give him/her a piece of your mind on the issues constantly.

    1. Funnily enough I have always voted green, 30 years later and we still have only one MP in parliament, so to some I am throwing away my vote, and should resort to 'tactical' voting. America has the same problem that we have, we break along fairly equal lines, in this country it is class. Unfortunately America ended up with an idiot in charge, we end up with conservatives run by an elite backbone of business people and bankers. With a weak left socialist party, the odds won't change.