Friday, April 21, 2017

friday 21st April

Unexpected, a new election when we were promised this wasn't supposed to happen.  It seems the person/woman on the street, just says " for goodness sake not again" which we may gather means we are all thoroughly fed up with politics.  Marine le Pen storming away on the right in France where will it all go, the idiot Trump in America, his language skills are appalling, why did the Republicans set him up in the first place?  Then of course we have Theresa May,* representative of the right wing in this country or perhaps we should describe her as 'establishment', do the demons of hell crouch behind her left shoulder, or perhaps I am being melodramatic.  Everywhere we see whether in newspapers or media the condemnation of Corbyn, Socialism is definitely foundering, perhaps for the good, though Corbyn started out with a good socialist speech yesterday, we need to address other issues.
Firstly, don't push the prices of houses up, our young cannot afford them, they definitely can't live in the countryside in one of those pretty little  holiday cottages that sell at hot prices.  Who put, before they even had stepped onto the ladder for a mortgage for a house, a £50,000 debt on them for going to university?
Something is skewed in this country, not only with politics but with the whole running of every state institution we possess, which is not very many as we have sold out all over the world our various utilities, and don't get me started on farmland...
So what did I put down on my list when the first electioneering manifesto came through the door, well I crossed 0 - not voting for the three main parties, though there will probably not be a fourth option.  No fracking anywhere, affordable houses, leave the libraries alone.  Not sure what can be done with the NHS, except perhaps become more strict with who attends hospital and restrict pay to executives who seem to milk the system very well.  What of course needed to happen, was more council homes to be built, proper housing for the old and maybe even nursing homes to help with the overspill of hospitals.

*You may consider that I do not like Theresa May, it is her politics and the people she supports I do not like.  She is an attractive and I would think a caring person, it is just that her politics are very far removed from mine.  It is the balance that says put money in the pockets of the few that grates against my soul, and the long wearisome call 'growth', growth will destroy this planet on which we live and with it the other word which I detest so much ' the economy'.  

On a lighter note, the hens went walkabout yesterday, one minute they were feeding in the graveyard, next they vanished for two hours over the fields, came back at 6 0 clock completly unperturbed, led by Phoebe who loves her home, luckily Fluffy was with them, she is slightly 'not with it' and will lie in the sun and sleep at any excuse.


  1. Ah politics. This is no doubt going to be uppermost in everyone's mind over the next seven weeks. Is there anything to choose between them?
    I agree with your list absolutely Thelma.
    To add to things, I read in The Times diary yesterday that with George Osbourne giving up his post he will be losing £76,000 a year, which is actually two percent of the income he gets from his six jobs.

  2. Morning Pat, no there is nothing to choose, until we change the political system to be more issue biased. How can we allow Osbourne, to make so much money lecturing and another job when he is still a backbencher presumably. He encompasses all that is so wicked in the Conservative party - fill your face at the trough! Shall concentrate more on the plants.

  3. Politics all over the western world have become very frightening. I wonder what is driving it all. Every day that I wake up, I fear what will Trump say or do. It is hard to believe that this is happening in my country. Now with the election in France, I fear for them.

  4. Think it is politics turning to the right and people wanting more of a say in matters. Media doesn't help it brings everything to our doorstep immediately.

  5. We have very similar problems in Australia. Increasing social inequality increases tensions between the generations and between ethnic groups. This distracts us all, and stops us co-operating to respond to the urgent need to limit the climate crisis. It is hard to tell how much is driven by short term thinking and how much is greed. Jean