Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday 2nd April

A short video of the Beck, a trip made this morning.  It is a most magical place, the curlews in the distance, old trees and hawthorns gnarled by age.  Large rocks that have tumbled down the hillside and a quiet tranquillity.

We went past the old well and I took a photo it had one daffodil to highlight the gloom of the well. Daffodils by their million must have been planted by every garden, farm and they even make it out into the wilderness as well at this time of the year.

We wandered up the trackway and down by the beck, LS collected three stones to finish his Japanese border, though apparently he still needs another two stones, to be arranged 3, 5, 7.  Lucy loves this place she dances round like a two year old, always heading for the water though she is not allowed in, but her spaniel nature tells her otherwise.  Actually saw two curlews, large, long curved beaks and long legged -a good finish to the trip.

We had the place to ourselves but on walking back spied three cars on the grass.  

This was a family from Derbyshire, they had driven 122 miles to be here, four generations, great- granny sitting on a chair and the very talkative mother of the two grown up sons, told us that they had loved this place since seeing it on Heartbeat, and so made a pilgrimage to the spot, then going on to Goathland (the village of Heartbeat) and then Scarborough finishing at Bridlington, a long and weary day.

There are three gypsy ponies here, there owners live very tidily on the other side of the road.

Idyllic cottage in the middle of nowhere

Sheepdogs at the back, goodness knows what those boxes were for...


  1. These photos are lovely. I so want to live in that cottage and be near the peace and quiet. xo

  2. The only problem though living deep in the country is that you have to drive over very bumpy roads to get to a road.