Saturday, April 29, 2017

Some notes on Saturday

4 smiling grandchildren, myself and my daughter, 5 years ago.


"In keeping with our unrestrained consumptiveness, the commonly accepted accepted basis of our present economony is the fantastical possibility growth, limitless wants, limitless wealth, limitless natural resouces, limitless energy and limitless debt.  The world ending fire of industrial fundamentalism may already be burning"....
Wendell Berry

When you see people arguing on a forum, the depth of hatred so thick you panic, what do you do, write a reply which won't get far.  Or as I have done seek words and music and a photo of a happy family, your own, to reassure.  

My magazines have both arrived this week, Resurgence and Permaculture  full of words, not necessarily of wisdom but of calmness, and the knowledge that we cannot do much but each small brick we build helps towards the eventual solution.

Harry Dodson in the garden

The music is at this moment in time The Victorian Garden, composed many years ago to accompany a series on a Victorian walled garden, a secure and warm place for the vegetables and espaliered fruit trees that grew along its walls.  Such security in our erupting world seems hard to achieve now, we are beset by leaders, who should definitely not be leaders, threats that are worrying and a whole way of life that says panic at every news headline.

Walking the dog this morning down Salton Lane, and the grass verges are full of dandelions and starwort which laces through in a light and dainty manner.

Star wort
So what else do I find calming on this day, you can see I am striving for Tricky Wolf's 'Five on Friday' blog.

The coffee pot at ten in the morning

And then there is Lucy who is waiting patiently for her lunch, but unable to feed her because her chicken is frozen!


  1. Love how you all just plopped down on the path for the photo and you have a fabulous coffee pot.

  2. Thanks, it was on a little quay in Whitby, the surprise is that everyone is smiling. The coffee pot is old, but religiously every day we grind the beans.

  3. And those 'where is it?' eyes are boring into you while you defrost it!

    1. Wickedly I defrosted a sausage for her because it was quicker, and the chicken came later. You may ask why chicken, it is because she gets stomache ache from tinned dog stuff and keeps us up all night ;) 'Lite' biscuits are her main meal though.

  4. The best solution is always the pets. They bring us back to reality in a very peaceful and loving way.

  5. Yes Lucy always makes us grin, pets are great stress busters.