Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday 1

Today we listen to the news that 59 American tomahawk missiles have landed on a Syrian air base, as punishment for the terrible chemical attack in Khan Sheikhun.  No one can condemn this action of Trumps telling Assad that enough is enough, but war is a terrible calamity, and this chemical attack is just one more thing in a long litany of atrocities.  So yes I applaud Trump and his government for doing something to show Assad that killing his own people is a wicked act of cruelty.
But------------------------------ we should not be too hypocritical as Steve Bell's hard hitting cartoons shows us, we may not sell chemical bombs, but we have a long record of selling guns and rockets to so-called 'friendly' states.

And just to cloud the view of what you think happened, opposing views?  Peter Ford ex-UK ambassador for Syria, supporter of Assad....

 Kareen Shareem in the Guardian report from yesterday, this from Khan Sheikhun .


  1. I do not know what to believe anymore. I do know that dead is dead no matter if bombs, gas, or guns are used. The world has gone crazy and the future looks ominous.

  2. It is difficult. all this talk of fake news but in the end we have to make decisions one way or the other. Would not worry too much about the state of the world, except perhaps the way Trump and his cohorts are breaking up all the environmental laws. X