Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Thought this painting was pretty, think it is the colours.  It is quite an eye-opener as to how many woman artists have worked through the centuries.  I suppose you would call it decorative art.


Jessie Arms Botke (American painter) 1883 - 1971

Demoiselles Cranes and Lotus, s.d.

oil and gold leaf on canvas.

Well it has been cold, snow and sleet flutters down but the garden survives. Walking into a North-East wind is not good, but soon the weather will change, it is just English weather after all.

Blossoms bloom everywhere, the hawthorn buds are teasing with their flowers.  The birds in the garden flock for food in this cold weather, pigeons by the dozen, the jackdaws, a favourite of mine.  Then there are the little sparrows, robins and finches.

I will never look into a puddle again without thinking of the first Doctor Who, when that girl disappeared into the puddle

Lillie catching up on school work

This book just gets a big sigh from me

Wet and miserable

A willow but which one I don't know.  Not 'pussy willow'


  1. Yes, it has been pretty horrible up here this week hasn't it - although luckily there is now some power in the sun.

  2. It's the wind I hate Pat, just looked out of the window this evening and saw the barn owl floating over the fields in the sun. Only barn owls can float with such grace.

  3. We have been having quite a lot of cloudy, cool, and rainy days, but we do need the moisture. I just wished that it would only rain at night. However, the trees are blooming and it is my favorite weeks of the year. I am looking forward to May flowers.

  4. There is a song wishing only for rain at night. Camelot, a fictional Utopia of course ;).

  5. Cold, damp and every so lovely!! Even the cozy indoor photos.

  6. You are right we should not moan about the weather, there are people in the world experiencing much worse...