Friday, May 5, 2017


Some of the things that I have been doing, the first are string bags knitted from white cotton, and then dyed, the dye did not take too well, which explains the light pink which should have been vermilion.

Here we go the frackingcompanies dividing up this part of Yorkshire into fracking licences. Scary.

I have two frames mostly used for growing stuff but also starting off plants.  This frame contains lettuce, made some delicious soup this morning with that. Runner beans and french climbing beans are being grown this season.

Runner beans are being nibbled by slugs and need to go out in the garden, six courgette plants, hopefully some to sell for the church. Excuse the camera strap.

And last an alpaca wool sweater, very light to wear so it should be a summer sweater.

We have a baby song thrush in the garden either hiding under the lavender or the nepeta, so glad our song thrush made it back this year through the killing fields of Cyprus, it seems our government is doing something about it.  Mist nets used on our MOD land in Cyprus which is the under protection of the army are being taken down and people prosecuted in the courts - it is illegal to net migratory birds.  The locals make a dish of these birds, a wretched business.


  1. How lucky you are to have a song thrugh - we have only seen mistle thrushes here for many years - how I would love to see a song thrush - or, as my father always called it - a 'mavis' (I think a colloquial name).

  2. We also have a song thrush and his repertoire is wonderful. He is only here singing in the spring and then disappears into the woods. We tend to forget that this fracking crap is now everywhere!!