Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday 15th May; Ruminations

Echoing the photo at the top, in this instance the prehistoric stone is caged so that it will not sully the christian church;)

First rain for days, a time to plant out the beans and plants I have been growing.  Bird life is at its best, goldcrests came through yesterday, the song thrush has raised her young, the two robin bully and beat their way through the gardens and the blackbirds become bold as well as they hunt for worms.  Not forgetting that the swallows have returned to their church nests over the weekend, and the brightly coloured bullfinch on the lawn this morning with a goldcrest, we too have strongly coloured birds amongst the brown and greys of sparrows and pigeons.

So what to talk about, definitely not all the promises of the politicians as they battle their way through, but I have invested in some print material to read about why we have politics!.  A neighbour and friend takes The Economist, so he gave me a couple of magazines, too impersonal for me so sent off for the Newstatesman, which is far more interesting to read.  It reminded me that many years ago I took up reading it because my then father-in-law also read it, maybe it turned me into a socialist....

Looking through my photos this morning for some thing interesting to write about, came across doll house photos, this house has been with me for many years, my daughter does not want it and is happy to leave it with me.  It reminded me that Jssie Burton, author of 'The Miniaturist' has a new book out 'The Muse'.  Which seems to have a plot line about a mysterious painting.

Not that the children have not played with it, the front door was ripped off  by Lillie's elder brother Tom when he was about three. And he hung the dolls with a chain. in a medieval construction...


  1. I have often wondered whether to buy a doll's house and furnish it - they are so delightful.
    I loved 'The Miniaturist.'

  2. It is a pretty expensive hobby if you buy all the stuff without making. I made some furniture and paintings for mine, but if you want some advice, feel free ;)

  3. That is an amazing doll house; my daughter is visiting and is drooling over it. She has hers from her childhood, but it is sadly lacking in decor. She may get to it once her 4 children have left the nest.