Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Something frivolous

Jessie Arms Botke (American painter) 1883 - 1971
White Peacocks and Blue Delphinium, 1924
oil on masonite

The countryside around us has taken on a cloak of white. Cow parsley froths along the verges, rampant ransoms cover the banks of the river and then there is the hawthorn's flower.
So that rather gorgeous painting of white peacocks strike a note, what a delicate painting.
Well Paul has just come back from the church, they moved the pews yesterday for the men to come and spray for woodworm.  Yesterday they found a secret wooden box under the pew which contained a collection box.  Today on turning the baptismal font's wooden lid, which has a dedication of 1930's, they found on the underside of the lid an engraving of a little mouse!  Doubt if it has anything to do with the now famous 'mouse' furniture maker, as it seems rather early.  But then the original founder Robert 'mouseman' Thompson  was working during that period.

To return to mice, we had three living in the garage up to last week, they built a nest in the car, somewhere by the fan so that the engine rattled.  The garage cleared it but at some cost.  So Paul invested in a humane mouse trap  and we have deposited three very live mice into the countryside, they were fed peanut butter!

Robert (mouseman) Thompson


  1. Even though we have cats, we have mice. They also like our garage (better than the house) and feast on the bird seed that we store in there. They don't bother me, but my Retired Man is very proud when he catches one in his traps.

    The picture is so pretty.

    1. That of course, bird seed and hen feed was the problem, though they are in a very large army pan, with lid, I always manage to spill something unfortunately.

  2. Mice have a homing instinct so they will be back!

  3. ;) well the box said a quarter of a mile to be released but we took them about a mile away, it will be a long walk back..

  4. Bit like 'The Borrowers', their nest was large and formed of many things;)