Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday 25th May

The sunny weather is beautiful, but it brings on my migraines, yesterday with such ferocity that I would gladly have given up living...Walking in the morning helps. The flowers suddenly greet me on every side, in the garden the first deep red rose perfectly formed, the pale foxgloves are beginning to open their bells.  And who knew I had planted irises but I did, apparently, the purple Fleur De lis shape  reminding me of its historical journey.
The world has become enchanted with itself, that moment at the beginning of summer when everything is fresh.  The jackdaws tend their young in the old tree in the grave yard.  My love takes me around to see the little mouse in the church, so delicately carved on the font lid.  They had rearranged the pews this week and someone had said mischievously that there are more people in the church tending it than there are worshippers on a Sunday. Paul is quite in love with this little church!
The cows are out in the fields, up on the hills, someone has moved young horses into another field and stables have gone up in a couple of days.   The birds seem to dance for joy in this warm weather.  Tame as they feed their hungry young. 
The vitality of life for a moment obscuring the terrible happening in Manchester.  

closely compacted panicles of something that looks like cow parsley but isn't

cow parsley

Ladies smock, hiding amongst the nettles

Claire's place

red campion

A  simple font

the little engraved mouse, fading away with time.


  1. I hope your migraine is better today Thelma - it has been almost unbearably hot here today but a breeze has sprung up tonight, making it more bearable. This morning at our U3A meeting we observed the minutes silence for the terrible atrocities in Manchester and I see our town flag is a half mast. So little we can do in the face of such appalling deeds.

    1. Yes apart from the residual pain that lingers, it was a second day migraine, hate the cluster ones. But today we went to Byland Abbey in this heat, so beautiful round there. Who needs holidays when we have Yorkshire?

  2. The carving on the font is charming...I would have been so delighted to find that!

    1. It was hidden really a quiet reminder of the person who had made it.

  3. I do not know anyone who does not take joy at spring's arrival.