Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring is unfolding but not for some

"The art of cleaning is a simple spiritual activity that is often overlooked. The image of the monk sweeping the courtyard has a deep significance, because without the practice of cleaning there can be no empty space, no space for a deep communion with the sacred. Outer and inner cleaning belong to the foundation of spiritual practice, and as the monk’s broom touches the ground, it has a particular relationship to the Earth. We need to create a sacred space in order to live in relationship to the sacred within ourselves and within creation." —Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and Hilary Hart

Paul should enjoy that he loves sweeping, we have the proper twig brushes for such a job and he is often to be found in the garden sweeping the garden paths.  But such words though soothing hardly reflect the world we live in at the moment.  I came across two other words yesterday Kali Huga. Now this is a concept yet to be understood by me but basically it comes from the Sanskrit.  There are four yugas, the last one is the Kali Huga, Kali is not the destructive god we know but the demon who brings this final stage of life on earth to ruin, chaos and mayhem reigning.
Would I see it that way? probably yes though my rational soul says it has always been like this, and as I look round the peaceful scene outside, not so here.  But then images of the fleeing Syrians come to mind, homeless, no country to call their own, families broken up and survival in camps in foreign countries.  There is yet another famine in another land Yemen, 7 million near to starvation there with a further ten million approaching the same crisis of starvation.  
And yet what does the news concentrate on? Theresa May has got her knickers in a twist over the terms we are leaving the EU and has started to rant, think it is all a dramatic ploy. Shadow home secretary could not get her figures right when interviewed - O dear. And as for Trump do they have to report every word he says, we can watch comedy elsewhere!
When I got up this morning a white feather drifted down to the lawn, it is those wood pigeons that fly around over the church yard, every time I see it, it reminds me of that 12th century music by Hildegard the nun, a 'Feather on the Breath of God'

Today we vote locally, my choice is already made it is for the independent, who hopefully is fighting fracking, literature shows the map of Yorkshire, a very large county, to be coloured in by five fracking companies, all have licences to frack on the land should they get permissions from the farms. Yesterday I watched a helicopter track across the fields back and forth, now what was that all about?  As usual we are being sold down the road by the government, fossil fuels phased out? Of course not, there is money in shale gas, sod the environment.


  1. At least you still care Thelma. I am afraid I have acted in a cowardly way. At present I am just not up to voting today - in any case I am totally disillusioned by them all. Sometimes I feel I would like to go and live in a cave somewhere right away from such a flawed civilisation - but then I would miss my dear friends.

  2. Well at least the cave must be warm and dry, the news on the local elections is just starting to filter through this morning. Learnt yesterday from a neighbour, that our incumbent politician is just one of a long line going back to 1902 of uninterrupted conservative rule...