Thursday, May 11, 2017

Unexpected visit

Yesterday having noticed on F/B that a very old friend was in Yorkshire we agreed to meet up in the city of York.  I took the train and met her at the station. J had been a next door neighbour when my daughter was growing up, and J had three sons.  J now travels everywhere but still lives in the same house in Calne.  Just before her coach trip to Yorkshire she had been to Tashkent and seems to be always on the move.
So we caught up on old times whilst trying to find Bettys the tea shop, all to no avail when we did eventually find the shop there were queues for the tables and we went elsewhere.  The group were all retired teachers from Devizes, and as we ambled around 'The Shambles' we kept meeting up with them.  They belong to the U3A, University of the third age, perhaps I shall look into it here.
We parted outside the Minster and I felt so sad as she walked away and disappeared into the crowd.  We had churned up old memories, caught up on family and then she just melted away.

York Minster

lots of chocolate and fudge to be had but desisted. Further on a famous newscaster interviewing young people about how they felt about university fees ;( caught it on tv when I got back

Waiting for the train to go back, have sat in this station on many an occasion


  1. I love days out like that Thelma - glad you enjoyed it.
    The U3A is very popular here in Leyburn so you may well find it so around where you live. My ukulele class is U3A and I often go on short courses too.

  2. Well it seems to be thriving here to, the meeting place is Kirkby Misperton, and they walk, gardening club, and even canasta and bridge so maybe I will get in touch with them.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed York, and meeting up with an old friend Thelma, but I really felt your pang of loss on parting. I hope you are able to make a new friend in your village who becomes so close to you.

  4. Well funnily emough, another friend, this time from Somerset made contact on my phone which is very irregular with texts etc, so as she doesn't seem to be on the internet, I wrote to her, which was quite good really ;)